Monday, March 25, 2013

"Cyber Force #3" Plot Summary

Writer: Marc Silvestri

Six days ago, Carin's dog, Ninja, overheard Chairman Taylor talking about the Aphrodite Protocol, a plan to destroy all life on earth and start over with CDI cyborgs and bio-engineered plants and animals. The dog tells Carin and this is what started her search for Morgan Stryker.

She tells her tale to Ripclaw and Ares Prime, but then they are attacked by Aphrodite V and a squad of SHOC troops looking to take Carin back to the chairman. They are about to kill Ripclaw and Ares when Stryker shows up and saves them.

Stryker is about to leave again when Carin calls him her father, asking him not to leave her again.

At home, the Taylors are having a very awkward twenty-fifth anniversary dinner in which they both drop hints about Mrs. Taylor's (Francesca's) affair with Stryker.

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