Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Cyber Force #2" Plot Summary

Writer: Marc Silvestri

Many years ago, Morgan Stryker (cover) was the head of the CDI black ops team. He was sent to kill a Chinese competitor, Chen, but ended up having to kill Chen's wife and two kids as well, in order to eliminate witnesses. It still haunts him today.

Ripclaw left the others before the attack and went to retrieve Carin in order to use her as a bargaining tool against CDI. They need CDI's Serum in order to keep their bodies from rejecting their cybernetic implants. Many of them worked for CDI's black ops team under Stryker.

Ripclaw frees Carin (not dead after all, but simply unconscious) and then sees the slaughter Carin's sister (Cassandra - Ballistic) has accomplished on his people, including his wife and son. Ares Prime crawls out of the debris. Ripclaw says they need to find Morgan Stryker and get his help.

Stryker has used make up and fake skin to cover his cybernetic implants and is working as an attendant at a parking garage. He's missing one arm.

Mrs. Taylor, the chairwoman of CDI, is talking to her older daughter, Cassandra. Cassandra says that Carin was not among the dead in the attack. Neither were Ripclaw or Stryker. She also says that Dolorossa (another of Stryker's old teammates) was in charge of the battle, working under the direction of the chairman, Mr. Taylor. Mrs. Taylor comments that Mr. Taylor never really did like his daughters, explaining his treatment of Carin.

Mrs. Taylor did not know that Mr. Taylor had Carin in custody, and so sent Cassandra looking for her.

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